Copyright Registration

Copyright registration in India secures the rights over unauthorized use of original content. Such original content may be Books, Articles, Online blogs, Literature, Art, Music – Lyrics, Ads, Voice recordings, Films, movies, websites,s, etc.

Copyright Registration Documents, Process & Validity, Benefits Eligibility

Copyright is the right of ownership of literature, plays, artworks, music, sound recordings, etc. Copyright registration provides a bundle of rights that includes rights to reproduce, communicate to the public, and adapt and translate the work. The registration of copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards for authors' ownership rights and enjoyment of their creations, which protects and rewards creativity.

Registering for copyright is essential because it enables you to communicate to the public, reproduce rights, and adapt and translate works. Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of intellectual property being registered in India due to increased awareness about intellectual property laws. Copyright registration is one of the important types of intellectual property protection.

Copyright registration is done as per the rules of the Copyright Act, 1957. The creative work of the author cannot be copied as no one is allowed to use it without the permission of the author or creator. The author may charge others a fee to use or replace his work. Copyright protection typically lasts 60 years.


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