ESIC and EPFO Registration in Noida

Noida Scheme and advantages of ESIC and EPFO in

The ESIC scheme's advantages

  • Employees and their families who are members of the ESIC scheme are entitled to a number of advantages. The following is the list of advantages:
  • For the insured and his or her family members, medical benefits include affordable, thorough, as well as clinically relevant treatment and inquiry.
  • Medical Treatment: The insured individual as well as his or her spouse will get treatment at an ESI Medical institution.
  • Extended and improved Sickness Benefits are available.
  • Employees get disability compensation for as long as their condition persists.
  • As part of the compensation plan, if an insured individual is killed while at work, his or her dependents get a benefit.
  • Paid maternity leave is provided for a period of 26 weeks after the birth of the child. So, in the event of a miscarriage, six weeks are grant.
  • When an insured individual passes away, a lump sum payment is provided to cover funeral expenses.
  • 'Rajiv Gandhi Sharmik Kalyan Yojna's Unemployment Allowance' (RGSKY)
  • Allowance for Vocational Rehabilitation

Documents needed to register with ESIC

  1. Registration under the ESIC system requires the following documents:-
  • Specifics of the Business:
  • A duplicate of PAN's data
  • The factory/complete Establishment's postal address, as well as documentation of that location.
  • All the information you need to know about a police station
  • Whether or whether the property is owned or leased


  1. All bank account information.
  2. The nature of the company
  3. Factories Act and Shops and Establishment Act registration information and certification.
  4. The start date of the factory
  5. Structure of a company
  6. Name, age, Designation, Father's Name, and Address Proof of all Directors/Owners of the Company.
  7. Figures pertaining to the number of workers
  • The number of workers that are cover by the plan
  • Employees are divide into male, female, and transgender categories.
  • The division of workers earning less than INR 21,000 a month into males and women and transgender people
  • Quantity of workers beyond ten or twenty


  1. Employees' names as well as contact information are include in this section.
  • Name
  • Name of father
  • Address
  • The day on which you were born
  • Gender
  • Whether or whether you're married
  • Permanent Location
  • Affiliation Date
  • Nominee information
  • Ancestry and Genealogy
  • Email address and phone number's
  • Bank account information
  • A copy of your PAN and Aadhar cards
  • A canceled check from the company's bank account.

EPFO registration is open to anybody who meets the requirements.

For companies/organizations that employ more than 20 people, EPFO registration is mandatory. Thus, small groups that do not meet the basic requirements for registration may do it on their own. So, within a month of reaching the requisite number of members, organizations are obliged to register themselves.ESIC and EPFO Registration in Noida is available after you register and complete the procedure.

Registration with the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)

Online registration is now the recommended method of registering, however offline registration is still available. So, the Employees' Provident Fund website provides a printable registration form. Thus, here is a list of everything you'll need to properly register for ESIC and EPFO Registration in Noida.

The following is a list of the papers need for EPFO registration:

  • The business's name.
  • The date on which the business was first established.
  • PAN (Proprietor's in case of proprietorship firm) scanned copy.
  • A scanned copy of the company's licenses, if any are available (like GST).
  • Scanned copy of the bank account cheque of the firm.
  • Address evidence for the company's location.
  • Directors / Partners list.
  • Address evidence for the company's owner, director, or partner.
  • Contact information for the company's owner, director, or partner.
  • Copy of the First Sale Bill / First Purchase Bill.
  • The number of people employed on a monthly basis since the company's inception.

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