Eway Bill

E-way bill is short for electronic waybill. GST e-way bill is a document used to track goods in transit offered under the Goods and Services Tax. A taxable person registered under GST involved in the transportation of goods valued above Rs 50,000 should have an e-way bill generated on the GST portal.

How to Generate E-Way Bill

An e-way bill (EWB) is an 'electronic mode' bill for the movement of goods that can be generated on the e-way bill portal. Any supplier or transporter who transports goods worth more than Rs 50,000 (single challan/bill/delivery challan) in a vehicle should hold a GST e-way bill as per the rules of the GST Council. The supplier or the transporter of goods has to register with GST to get the GST e-way bill. This bill will come into effect on 1st April 2018.

After generating the e-way bill on the portal using the required credentials, the portal generates a unique e-way bill number (EBN) and allows it to the registered supplier, recipient, and transporter. In this article, we look at the steps to generate an e-way bill on the government website.

The supplier or transporter can generate an e-way bill in the following ways:

  • LEDGERS Software,
  • E-Way bill portal
  • SMS,
  • Android App and through,
  • Site-to-Site Integration (through API).


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