GST (Goods and Services Tax) is levied on all kinds of goods and services, making it the one and only one tax for purchasing and selling goods and rendering services to the people. This makes it easier for sellers to sell goods without paying heavy taxes, but all the pain is to be borne by the final buyers of finished products. So, this creates a seller's good side to sell their goods at better prices. This may be not very easy for the last consumers to purchase the finished products at a higher price, including the GST on the product.


GST Registration is required for those business firms whose annual income or revenue is above Rs20 lakhs, and for some states which fall under the category of Special States is Rs10 lakhs. This is requirement for this mentioned category of business firms and industries for paying taxes to the Government. This tax is the only tax to be paid by these business firms to exempt themselves from paying different taxes, thus decreasing the burden. So, for paging such taxes and availing the benefit, a person or a business firm has to register to pay the GST.


To get GST Registration in Noidayou may require the necessary documents for registration in the following:-

  1. PAN Card of the business firm or the applicant for the registration.
  2. Identity proof of the applicant along with the passport-sized photograph.
  3. Address proof of the applicant.
  4. Business registration documents or the incorporation certificate.
  5. Business firm location proof, i.e. electric bill and LPG bill.
  6. Bank account statement like a passbook.
  7. Digital signature certificate of the applicant.
  8. Letter from the Authorization or the Board Resolution for the authorized signatory.


  1. First, we have to contact a GST Expert to start the registration process by collecting info about your business firm, whether it is operating or not.
  2. Then, the expert collects required documents online.
  3. After the payment is initiate, the advisors will be available for any relevant GST registration queries.
  4. Within 7days, your registration will be complete.

Benefits of getting register in NOIDA

There are a lot of benefits of getting GST Registration in Noida like; the registration threshold is higher because earlier we had to pay VAT for income above Rs 5 lakhs making it much more difficult, but now under GST, we have to pay taxes above Rs 20 lakhs for normal states and Rs 10 lakhs for particular states. Small business firms are benefit because they have a lower turnover of less than Rs 10 lakhs. And now the unregulated industries are brought to considerable accountability and regulation to make it well organized. Many business firms fall into the category of paying GST and making it easier to collect revenue from the industries. And business firms to only pay tax. And this GST rule brings all the business firms that have a turnover above Rs 20 lakhs under one umbrella.

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