IPR Registrations with Indian Customs

IPR Registrations with Indian Customs

Indian Customs and Intellectual Property Rights

If Customs determines that the items violate the rights holder's IPR and no other legal action is underway, the infringing goods will be destroyed or disposed of outside the normal channels of commerce after confiscation.

Indian border controls have a negligible stance when it comes to IPR violations and counterfeiting. As a result, all suspicious shipments are subject to reasonable controls. To achieve successful Intellectual Property Rights enforcement, we ensure that our clients receive the best services and consultations available.


When can I dispose of my goods?

After obtaining "No Objection" or "Consent" from the Rights Holder, appropriate destruction/disposal will be done. Copies of the goods may be given to the rights holder or importer upon request prior to destruction.

What is the relationship between Indian Customs and Intellectual Property Rights Protection?

The security is usually given for a specified period. While the basic social objectives of intellectual property rights are outlined above, it is important to note that the exclusive rights granted are generally subject to a number of exceptions and limitations, designed to fix the stability that Legitimate rights must be struck. of claimants and users. Intellectual property rights are non-transferable rights that result from intellectual endeavors in the medical industry or any other industry sector. These rights protect intellectual property manufacturers and other producers by allowing them time-bound rights to control their use.


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