Labour License in Delhi

How to get Labour License in Delhi?

Licence to Work

A company employing twenty or more workers on any one day of the accounting year as contract labor is subject to this rule. If a contractor employs or has employed twenty or more employees at any time during the accounting year, this rule applies to them.

Regulating and eradicating contract labor

To control the employment of contract Labor license in Delhi certain enterprises and to provide for its eradication in certain situations and for other related things. So, the Indian Legislature passed the Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act in 1970. The legislation's goal is to make it illegal to use contract workers in certain situations and to control their working conditions while they are employed.

Contract Workers' Rights Act

The Indian Parliament passed the Contract Labor (Regulation and Abolition) Act in 1970. Employing contract labor is prohibited in some situations, and the working conditions of contract workers are regulated.

The process of obtaining a work permit

Applying in Person is the only way to considered.

  1. The applicant must submit an application to the registration officer in the region where the establishment requested to be registered at their relevant labor office.
  2. Applicants must meet the qualifying requirements as outlined in the following section.
  3. The next step is to visit the relevant office.
  4. A way to get in touch with us
  5. Seek advice from the person in charge. Obtain an application form or follow the directions for writing on an A4 sheet. The department's website will also provide the information needed by the applicant.
  6. In order to download the application form, please click on the link provided below.
  7. Prepare all the criteria as instructed once the information check list is available. Fill out the online application. Include all necessary files and documentation. Please check out our documentation area for further information.
  8. Submit or mail the completed application form, together with the necessary papers and payments, to the relevant authorities.
  9. Verification of applications shall be conducted by the appropriate authorities, as stated in point number nine. In the event that all goes according to plan, the applicant will get an acknowledgment of their submission.
  10. Applications are review on an internal basis only.
  11. The applicant is notified of the procedure through text message to the cellphone number on file.
  12. Departmental officials will check the papers, inspect the premises, as well as provide clarifications to their inquiries.
  13. A Contract Labor License is award to the applicant if the application is judge to be accurate in all respects.
  14. In accordance with current regulations, this certificate may either be hand in person or transmit through mail.

Documentation Necessary

  • Form of application
  • A duplicate of the local government's Trade license.
  • Aadhaar, voter ID, as well as a driver's license as proof of address
  • Documentation proving the date of one's birth.
  • An original of the Registered Partnership Deed (for a partnership business or formation).

When the "e-Payment" option is activate and working properly, the original copies of the Treasury Challan depositing the appropriate fees as security and the licensing fees in the selected Head of Account in the Government treasury in contract Labor license in Delhi .

Employer-Sponsored Certificate - Form V

  • Police department certificate stating that there is no objection.
  • A copy of the contract signed by the Principal Employer as well as the Contractor.
  • Advisable to submit a self-affidavit
  • Personal Identification Number
  • Identification card issued by the government of India

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