Legal Entity Identifier (LEI Code)

Legal Entity Identifier Code Registration or LEI Number Registration is a unique global identification number for a company that is issued by a Local Operating Unit (LOU) accredited by GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation). Financial institutions and regulators use LEIs to identify participants in the financial markets.

What is Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Registration?

The legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Certificate is a unique global identifier for legal entities participating in financial transactions. Also known as LEI codes or LEI numbers, it is intended to identify legal entities on a globally accessible database. Legal entities are organizations such as private companies/companies or government organizations that participate in financial transactions. required to have an LEI. The identifier is used in regulatory reporting to financial regulators and all financial companies and funds are

If you are transacting in the global financial system, the LEI code is a mandatory requirement.

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI Code).


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