Legal Metrology Registration in Delhi

Requirement for Legal Metrology Registration in Delhi

It is necessary to measure and balance several business processes in order to get the best results. Thus, Legal Metrology Act was proposed by the government to address this problem. Legal Metrology Registration in Delhi, In addition to safeguarding the interests of consumers, this legislation promotes company openness and accountability.

As a result of legal metrology registration in Delhi legislation, weight and measurement mistakes may be better managed and minimized. To ensure public confidence in the precision and security of weights as well as measures, this standard specifies the weighing and measuring tools, units, standards, and criteria that must be met.

Registration of the Legal Metrology Act has several advantages.

There is a big role for measurement in the business world. It is essential for efficient commerce to be open and equitable to both businesses and consumers.

Lowers the transactional expenses

Often, it is expensive and time-consuming to revise bad measuring practices. Businesses and consumers alike are impacted by these changes. Even more expensive is taking legal action against a merchant who has the chutzpah to flout measuring regulations. Measuring with precision and according to the Legal Metrology Act's standards, on the other hand, saves time and money.

Encouraging Trade

It is the responsibility of the Legal Metrology Act to prevent as well as punish any illegal or unfair actions. So, acting as a safety measure, this measure ensures that all measuring equipment are in good working order and satisfy international standards.

Registrant's Requirements for Registration

Documentation Required by the Manufacturer:

  • Applicants and partners must provide photo identification and evidence of residence.
  • Applicants/partners must provide proof of their birth dates.
  • Document proving that the propose property is either yours or your tenant's.
  • Map of the area
  • For partnerships, a partnership agreement is in requirement.
  • When a weighing and measuring equipment is to be manufacture, it must get a model approval certificate from the Director of Legal Metrology, Government of India.
  • Pollution Control Board Certificate of No Objection, notably in the Taj Trapezium zone.
  • A list of the equipment and tools that will be used.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the Controller, according to a signed affidavit.
  • No criminal charges have been filed against the petitioner, and no criminal proceedings are underway in any court.
  • Certificate of registration of factory/shop/establishment/municipal trade license
  • Copy of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Copyrighted material from PAN

The Legal Metrology Act's Registration Procedure

Instructions on How to Register

When registering products for import or export, merchants must follow certain rules. Section 47 of the 1976 Standing of Weights and Measures Act governs the measurement of weight.

Application for underlying registration of the name in the organization's name reestablishment of registration of exporter/importer of weight or measure is to be steered through the controller of Legal Metrology in the State/UT in which the exporter/importer is arrange, along with a request draft for Rs. 10/- for "Pay and Accounts official" D/o Consumer Affairs, New Delhi.The list of things that may be weighed or measured is specified in the General Rules, and only those items can be registered under Legal Metrology Registration in Delhi.


The Controller of Legal Metrology must be notified within 7 days after receiving the application if any part of it is missing.Legal Metrology's controller will provide the registration certificate to the requestor within ten businessdays after they receive a properly filled-out application.


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