Legal Metrology Registration In Gurgaon

Know how to get Legal Metrology Registration In Gurgaon

An individual must have a license to sell weights and measures.

  • Proof of Identity and Home Address.
  • Sizes: Two Passports.
  • The Manufacturer's Letter of Consent authorizing your appointment as a Dealer.
  • This license is required for those who want to import weights and measures from other states.
  • Approval of Models Weights and measurements certificates must be dealt with.
  • Legal documentation of property ownership / Lease agreement.
  • GST/Professional Tax/Labour Licence Registration

The Legal Metrology Act Registration's functions

Measurement accuracy and precision play a key role. Confidence built and conditions are create for successful company operations. When a clear legal metrology  registration in gurgaon framework is in place that is both simple and effective.

  • The country's economy through increasing revenue in several sectors.
  • The coal, mining, industries, petroleum, and railroads are all doing major work to reduce revenue losses.
  • Lessen the amount of money lost or waste on infrastructure.

As a result, the job done by the legal metrology  registration in gurgaon is critical to the general public. Executive, the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 established a legislative authority for the interstate commerce and business of weights and measures, including pre-packaged goods, and assigned it powers and responsibilities. Additionally, as Director of Legal Metrology, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Standards associated with Legal Metrology remain easily discernible. Regulating, enforcing, and researching are the director's primary responsibilities, as well as he or she must have the ability to conduct field investigations, look, seizures, registration of workplaces, and bring indictments.

Getting Involve in the Process

Procedure for registration is outline in Rule 15 of the 2011 Legal Metrology (General) Rules. The Twelfth Schedule of the Rules explains the cost structure, whereas the Tenth Schedule explains the application process.

  • Weights and measures or portions of them may be imported.
  • To become an importer, a company must be registered with the Directorate of Legal Metrology, Government of India.
  • One month before to the import, the State Controller must submit the application in required form, together with the prescribed fee of Rs 100, to Director of Legal Metrology. So, the application sent to the Controller with a report on the importer's predecessors. And also technological capabilities.
  • There are no expiration dates on the registration; it may be renew.

Why is Legal Metrology Act registration important for your business?

Laws and restrictions defined by the Legal Metrology Act apply to the sale and distribution of packaged goods, as well. Import and export regulations are also include in this legislation. So, creating a consumer and buyer rights protection system is essential if you want your company to function smoothly. To do so, you must comply with the act that describes legal metrology and measuring systems.

If you don't go by the legal metrology and measuring system's guidelines, you might be fined or punished severely. So, this might have a negative impact on your company's image and hinder its development.

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