LLP registration in Delhi

Know how to get the LLP registration certification in Delhi

LLP registration is a legal entity where all the partners have limited and disjoint liability. LLP’s existence is not affected due to any changes in partners. It can hold many contracts, entering the property for its name. LLP registration in Delhi is now easier with the post-registration compliances with more minor in comparison to a corporate body and unlike partnerships where the liability is unlimited LLPs limit the liability for partners and then it extents for their capital contribution.

What is the minimum requirement for LLP registration in Delhi?

For getting the LLP certification, the minimum requirement is:

  • There should be at least two partners to get the LLP registration certification.
  • There is no capital requirement, I.e. partners are allowed to start their LLP without investing any amount.
  • In the partnership, one person must belong to the nation; otherwise, the LLP registration will be complicated.

What are the documents required for getting the LLP registration?

  • Pan card
  • DIN: it means Director identification number 
  • Identity proof of partners
  • Address proof of partners
  • Utility bill for the registered office
  • Copy of rental agreement that too is share. 
  • Digital signature certificate of partners. 

Benefits of LLP registration 

The city has been known for attracting sizable investments from multinational companies, large business houses, foreign investors, and non-resident Indian and small-scale entrepreneurs. So, Haryana comes under an investor-friendly state, and it offers a rich reservoir of full load with skill, motivation, and relatively low-cost manpower with having the best infrastructure and harmonious industrial relationship.


With the large size for a giant in attainment, it just comes with 1.37 percent for the whole country’s geographical area, and the next 1.97 percent for the country’s totally popular, the state is a product of being the one in few states. With LLP registration, it helps to unlock many opportunities for the company for its growth. So, it helps unlock new opportunities for companies and lets them grow more quickly. 


After getting the LLP registration in Delhi, it becomes easy to start any plan without any tension. The company can launch new plans and ideas with their proper certification. The liability-taking potential for the company also increases. The partner gets their equivalent share for their work. Getting the certification is not an easy task, but you can achieve a lot of success after getting it. 

How to choose a good institution for LLP registration in Delhi?

While looking for LLP registration, getting to a great institution will always help you. The team that is entirely experts will ensure that your work is carried out with accuracy and point out details. The CRM system is specially designed to track each client without their work status and make them feel relaxed. It helps to save their time by showing the results over the internet only.

You should look for an experienced support staff who will help you at every stage of your work and advise you whenever required. Some organization does not end their service at the registration. After getting the certification, they will provide bookkeeping, licensing, auditing, annual filing, and tax filing services. With such facilities, your maximum problems will directly end there only.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a popular form of business structure in India as it offers the benefits of both partnership and company structures. It is a type of partnership where the liability of each partner is limited to the extent of their contribution to the LLP. LLPs are registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, and the registration process in Delhi is straightforward and easy to follow.

In this article, we will discuss the process of LLP registration in Delhi, the documents required for LLP registration, and the advantages of registering an LLP.

Process of LLP registration in Delhi

The process of LLP registration in Delhi involves the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN)

The first step is to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for all the designated partners of the LLP. A DSC is required for signing electronic documents, and a DIN is a unique identification number allotted to each person who intends to become a director of a company or an LLP.

Step 2: Obtain Name Approval

The next step is to obtain the name approval of the proposed LLP. You can submit up to six names in order of preference along with the LLP registration application. The Registrar of Companies (ROC) will approve a name that is not identical or similar to an existing company or LLP name.

Step 3: File the LLP registration application

Once the name is approved, you can file the LLP registration application with the ROC. The application should contain details such as the name and address of the LLP, the names and addresses of the designated partners, the amount of contribution by each partner, and the LLP agreement.

Step 4: Obtain Certificate of Registration

After the application is processed, the ROC will issue a Certificate of Registration, which is conclusive proof that the LLP has been registered.

Documents required for LLP registration in Delhi

The following documents are required for LLP registration in Delhi:

  • PAN Card of all the designated partners
  • Address proof of all the designated partners
  • Passport-size photographs of all the designated partners
  • Proof of the registered office address
  • Copy of the utility bill of the registered office
  • NOC from the owner of the registered office
  • LLP agreement
  • Advantages of LLP registration

LLP registration in Delhi offers the following advantages:

Limited liability: The partners’ liability is limited to the extent of their contribution to the LLP, and personal assets are not at risk in case of business losses.

Perpetual succession: LLP has a separate legal entity, and the death, retirement or insolvency of any partner does not affect its existence.

Easy to incorporate: LLP registration in Delhi is a simple and easy process, and the cost of registration is also minimal.

Flexibility in management: LLPs are managed by designated partners, who have the freedom to manage the business as per their agreement.

Tax benefits: LLPs are taxed as a partnership, and the partners are taxed individually. LLPs also enjoy lower tax rates as compared to companies.


LLP registration in Delhi is a simple and easy process that offers several advantages such as limited liability, perpetual succession, and tax benefits. The LLP agreement is a crucial document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the partners, and it should be carefully drafted. If you are planning to start a business in Delhi, LLP is an excellent option, and you can get in touch with a professional service provider for assistance in LLP registration.

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