LMPC on Medical Devices

LMPC / Legal Metrology Certificate / Importer Registration Under Rule 27of PCR 2011.

LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packed Commodity, on import of every prepacked commodity, every importer needs to mandatory obtain the registration certificate in the capacity of importer which is called with multi names like Legal Metrology Certificate or Importer License under Legal Metrology or importer registration or LMPC Certificate.

What compliances do I need to make under the LMPC Rules?

Every importer need to follows the two mandatory compliances under LMPC Rules which are as follows;

Registration as importer under Rule 27 - Before the import of any pre packed commodity, every importer needs to register under the PCR rules in the capacity of importer with the department of Legal Metrology.

As compliance of Rule 6 for declaration of mandatory information on package – Before you import any Packed Commodity in India, you required to ensure that it carry certain mandatory information like the name and address of importer, month and year of import, MRP, Generic name of commodity, country of origin, customer care email id, address, etc. The information vary product to product and case to case. To ensure the right labelling on the products you can avail Expert legal Advice from our legal metrology Advocates at ELT Corporate .

LMPC Certificate is mandatory for Custom Clearance.

When we don't have LMPC Registration, the imports of the Packed Commodity are now almost tedious task as it makes the mandatory part of your compliance list for successful imports.

It is often that, at the time of custom clearance, the custom appraiser / officer marks the query to present your LMPC Registration Certificate, that moment becomes the most difficult one if you are not carrying out the registration.

Medical Device Industry, since dealing with sensitive nature of goods, the LMPC Authorities being part of Consumer Law, tends to fiercely penalized the non-compliances and it should be remembered that Legal Metrology Act,2009 is consumer law but having provisions of criminal punishment.

What are the time Limit for obtaining LMPC Certificate?

The LMPC Certificate must be obtained within 90days of your first import, however Now a days, even if you are importing packed commodities for the first time, then custom authorities ask you to submit the copy of LMPC certificate for getting the custom clearance.

ELT Consultants Medical Device Lawyers help you in obtaining LMPC Certificate:

MediLaw India has best team of legal metrology consultants / lawyers who helps the compliance of the registrations and other legal aspects of the metrology in most effective and efficient manner. You can get LMPC Certificate / Legal Metrology Certificate in hassle free manner and within committed terms. Our professionals will guide you end to end regarding all documentation and inspections.


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