MCA Filing

MCA ROC Corporate Compliance Filings

A company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 is required to maintain certain records. Also, all companies are required to fill MCA form as applicable from time to time. Whenever there is a change in the Corporate/Management level, the company is required to inform the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through the MCA 21 portal. However, a chartered accountant or a company secretary is required for each filing of the MCA portal. We provide an online MCA corporate filing service that will save you cost and time.

MCA - 21 is the online portal of the Registrar of Companies. All the requirements/authorization mentioned with the words "Registrar of Companies" in the Companies Act, 2013 is presently fulfilled by the ROC - Portal www.mca.gov.in.

MCA filing service is available for filing of various companies.

The basic requirements for MCA filing are the digital signature of the director(s) for the purpose of signing on behalf of the company along with the signature of a professional (CS/CA) on behalf of the company.

What are the mandatory MCA (ROC) filings for LLP?

The mandatory MCA filings for a Limited Liability Partnership are:

1. Director KYC – Form DIR-3 KYC

2. Statement of Accounts & Solvency – Form 8

3. Annual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) - Form 11 (with an audit if the LLP's turnover is above 40 lakhs)

What are the mandatory MCA (ROC) filings for a Private Limited Company?

The annual mandatory MCA filings for a Private Limited (PVT Limited) company are:

1. Director KYC: Form DIR-3 KYC

2. Filing of Financial Statements along with other information: AOC-4 (Statutory audit is mandatory)

3. Annual Return Filing: MGT-7

4. In case of Company has taken a Loan: DPT-3


Event-Based ROC (MCA) Filings

RoC (MCA) Filing which accurses due to specific events or changes:

1. Corporate Filing for Change of Office Address of the Company/LLP

2. Notice of Change in Directors/Partners/LLP of the Company (Addition/Resignation/Removal)

3. Appointment of Auditor

4. Increase in the authorized and subscribed capital of the company.

5. Application for Creating charge/mortgage.

6. Preferential Allotment

7. Alteration in Share Capital

8. Alteration in MoA/AoA

9. Declaration of Commencement of Business: INC-20A MCA Filing

10. Other MCA Form Filings

11. MCA XBRL Filings

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