Medical Device Registration in Gurgaon

How to get Medical Device Registration in Gurgaon

In order to register a medical device, the following is the procedure:

In order to be sold in India, medical devices must be register with the Regulatory Authority. The State Licensing Authority, which will give the Form MD-5 certification, requires paperwork for Class A and B medical devices. Documentation for Class C and D devices must be submitted to the Central Licensing Authority, which will issue Form MD-7 for Class C devices and Form MD-8 for Class D devices (for Class D devices). Getting the Medical Device Registration in Gurgaon is too easy if you follow all the rules and regulation.

What is FDA's registration and listing requirements for medical devices?

For the FDA to know where all of the facilities participating in medical device production are, as well as what exactly is done. And where, the registration and listing of a medical device is in requirement. To react to public health emergencies like COVID-19 pandemics, this system provides the agency with all the information it needs. With Medical Device Registration in Gurgaon it helps to unlock many functions.

We should first establish who must register a medical device with the FDA before we get into the specifics of the registration procedure itself. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that any company that manufactures or distributes medical devices in the United States must be registered. Import goods destine only for export are include here.

Premises that are oblige to register with FDA must also disclose all devices manufacture in their facilities and all operations conduct on such devices. Unless you have acquired a waiver, FDA requires that all registration and listing information to provide online.

Functions to register medical devices

The Central Licensing Authority may permit the importation of a small quantity of an investigational medical device, which is not permit for importation but has been approve in the country of origin, for the treatment of a patient with a life-threatening disease or a disease that causes serious permanent disability.


It is necessary for the applicant to apply in MD-22 via the Sugam online portal for approval to conduct clinical trials of experimental medical devices in MD-23, as stated in MD-23.


permission to conduct clinical performance assessment of new in vitro diagnostic medical device. The applicant must submit an application for permission to conduct clinical performance evaluation of new in vitro diagnostic medical device. By using Sugam online portal in MD-24.

Benefits of Asia-based Independent License Holding

  • Avoid paying a national importer's markup by selling straight to various regional distributors.
  • Consider raising the transfer price
  • Increase your negotiating and responding power with distributors
  • Distributors may be added or remove as per need.
  • Commercial representatives in the area should not have access to intellectual property.


An A, B, C, and D classification system has been in use to classify medical devices. That is based on the level of risk associate with them. A thermometer is a low-risk device, whereas a pacemaker, a heart valve, and others are high-risk. The degree of invasiveness determines whether a device is classified as a surgical or non-surgical device. In comparison to class D devices, class A devices are easier to get a license for.

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