Mobile app advertising is a growing trend and while more and more businesses provide quality apps to their customers, they will need to advertise through this medium and it will become more common.

According to Our Mobile Planet, which is powered by Google, the percentage of people who have seen ads on apps is about 40%. This is a very high percentage for a new industry and as online marketing takes over websites, it will show itself in many ways over the next decade in apps.

Many affordable app companies incorporate their own branding as a form of marketing and also generate additional income by offering a service to remove their branding from the app at a cost. While it's understandable that these businesses need to promote themselves to keep their costs down, one of the main reasons people are still enjoying apps to the extent they are - for the most part - Ads are free.


Turning Apps into Personal Information Directories

People don't like to be bombarded with information they haven't requested and downloading apps to their devices is one way the general public has shown their willingness to block an ad attack. People are building their own directories of important products and services through their app downloads and reducing advertising means they only have the information they want.

The interactive features included in apps make them ideal for push advertising, but quality developers are choosing to use these functions for the convenience of their customers rather than attracting ad revenue.


How to Use Your App for Mobile App Advertising

A combination of features commonly available in local marketing apps when used together can create buzz for your business. Push notifications are free to use and when used in conjunction with interactive features such as email photos, recordings, and posting on the interior fan wall with promotional GPS and QR codes, your marketing efforts can help your customers in a fun way. and is compounded by being involved in rewarding marketing campaigns.

Turning your customers into the stars of your marketing campaigns means you know the word will get out through the one-touch viral marketing features of "tell a friend." The individual features that you can incorporate into your app will not only work to create a better experience, but when used together, both the customer and the business will feel the benefits.

Business Apps Marketing offers apps for Apple (both iPhone and iPad), Android, and Blackberry to help local businesses promote their products and services at extremely competitive prices. We run specials throughout the year with huge discounts for those who want to build an app or use their own app-building platform. You may also be able to get your app built for free through one of our super-special deals.

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