Partnership Firm Registration is the concept of a business partnership with the mutual understanding of two or more people. Starting a co-owned business with an agreed term helps in achieving synergy benefits of two or more individual skills. Registration of a Partnership Firm is the simplest process and can be registered with a Partnership Deed containing agreed terms and sharing of profit or loss. A partnership can be operational, financial, educational, etc.

How to Register a Partnership Firm (Steps and Guidance)

  • Service Plus can help you register a partnership firm in less than 7 days.
  • Firstly, a consultant from our team at ServiesPlus will brief you about the process and provide you with the list of required documents required for registration.
  • Submission of documents can be done online through our mobile application or through our website.
  • Once the documents are verified a Partnership Deed is drafted & sent to the partners for obtaining signatures
  • It is to be noted that all the participants have to sign the documents on stamp paper, and a copy of the same should be uploaded on our platform.
  • Once a signed Partnership Deed is available, it is registered with the concerned Registrar of Firms, and a certificate of registration is provided to the partner.
  • Along with providing a Certificate of Registration of Partnership Firm, we also help you to open a Current Bank Account in the name of Partnership Firm.


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