Private limited company registration in Delhi

Private limited company registration in Delhi and it's process       

With the invention of various startups, the registration process has started with full enthusiasm. The more the number of startups, the more profit it supports throughout the country. It benefits the country's surplus in totality. The registration process of Private limited company registration in Delhi has loosened up, leading to more efficient progress in the commencement of the companies. Although starting a company is not an easy task, it requires good thinking and planning, then formulating those plans into action and providing a foolproof base to the whole idea. After that registration, it is a long process, but it becomes a tad easy task with appropriate documents and all the legalities.

The ingrowth of companies gives a whole new opportunity to many who are transparent with aspirations. Private limited company registration in Delhi or other parts of India goes through a lot of clearance before the final result is obtained. The Pvt Ltd company is incorporate under the Companies Act of 2013 and is directly govern by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The Private limited company registration in Delhi and other places comes from the MCA and its rules and regulations. A registered corporate beneficial structure provides the business with a separate legal identity, all different from its owners. This also provides the advantages like the ability to contract in its own name and protect the owners' personal assets from business liabilities.

What is a Private Limited Company?

A Private limited company registration in Delhi is a business entity that offers private ownership. This one is different from the public limited company. The add benefit a private limit company provides is limit liability. So, it comes with limited liability for its partners; however, the shares can only be sold to the shareholders in the business, not anyone else. This also means that liquidation of the company will be very difficult. It would need the signature and permission of all the partners and shareholders.

What are the pros of Private Limited Company Registration?

  1. Pvt. Ltd. Company registration process has strict rules to followed. This makes it very careful while indulging in fundraising. The organization provides several options to raise funds in the form of private equity, ESOP, or any external sources.
  2. The Company registration in India comes up with a separate legal entity. This separates the owners and managers from the company. The company can operate on its name by just opening a bank account. Thus, the bank account will let the own company assets and enter into a contract with parties. This also provides the right to use any third parties in case of defaults.
  3. The company has the owners limited liability concept. The obligation or debts does not provide any hold on the owner’s assets. The owner's liability stays limited only to the capital subscribed and unpaid by them.
  4. The separate ownership and management help the company and the administration focus on their designated work. 

The process of Online Registration:

The process of online registration for a private Ltd company requires the submission of documents which are:

  • PAN Card of shareholders and Directors while the foreign nationals should provide a valid passport, it is the most important.
  • Identity Proof like Aadhar card and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License of Shareholders and Directors.
  • Director’s Address Proof like Latest Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Bank Account Statement of Shareholders and Directors.
  • Passport size photograph of the shareholders as well as directors.
  • Business Address Proof like latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill of the registered office address.
  • NOC from the owner.
  • Rent Agreement of the registered office.
  • Also, if there is the involvement of NRI or Foreign National, the documents of directors must be notarized or apostilled.
  • Giving a unique name for the commencement of a company.

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