Private limited company registration in Noida

The Process of Private limited company registration in Noida

Starting up an own company is the dream of the maximum. A company of one's own where the individual will not work under anyone. So, he individual will make decisions independently, working with several people under its own surveillance. But having all of this might be some distant dream for so many. The reason is the capital investment; not many have been awarded by such fortune. And another thing is the lack of knowledge about setting up a private limited company.

There are specific steps and times to register a private limited company. For example, if one wants to go for Private limited company registration in Noida, there are transparent processes to follow. So, it is not like someone wakes up and decides to start a company and gets it done in a day. Thus, there are particular rules to follow and some procedures to see through. 

What are the main focus points to remember?

Private limited company registration in Noida requires a minimum of 2 Directors. These two directors are to a ratio of 15 directors to be appointed. There is no limit to the minimum paid-up capital required. Another important point to remember is that the name should end with PVT.ltd. So, this is the whole concept regarding setting up a private limited company.

Checklist for documents required for registering a Company in Noida:

  • A minimum of 2 Directors are need who must be permanent residents of India.
  • A minimum of 2 Shareholders and a maximum of 200 shareholders are require.
  • A registered office address is require.
  • All the documents need to be submit through the online process.

Submission of the valid documents under the Private Limited Company in Noida:

The documents required are:

  1. Identity Proof: PAN Card or Passport.
  1. Address Proof:Passport/ Driver License/ Election ID/ Ration Card/ Aadhar Card.
  1. Residence Proof: Bank Statement/ Electricity Bill/Phone Bill.
  1. Name Approval:

The company's name should be unique and not copy-pasted from any company. The title should be different from their companies for sure. The application needs to be approve by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs before anything. Private limited company registration in Noida,There should be an option of 2 names which should be provided. Thus, if there is any rejection, the applicant can resubmit the form with two more words.

  1. Getting the Digital Signature Certificate:

It is essential to obtain the Digital Signatures of the directors who are propose in the documents. So, the DSC is necessary for signing the incorporation application.

6. SPIC e+ Form Application:

After getting the Digital Signature Certificate, the incorporation application is submit in the SPICe form with the MCA. So, there is no requirement to submit the name approval in the SPICe Form.

  1. Incorporation of the Company:

After all of the above submission of forms, the Company is Incorporate, and an Incorporation certificate along with the PAN, TAN can be obtained within 2-3 working days.

  1. Current Bank account:

There would be a need to open a current bank account with a reputable bank, and if there is none, one should open it at once.

What are the Compliances to be followed for Company registration in Noida?

  1. The Board of Directors has to appoint a practising Chartered Accountant within 30 days of incorporating the company. So, it is need to carry on the Statutory audit.
  1. The Capital mention in the MOA should be deposit in the bank. The certificate of commencement has to be obtain from the MCA.
  1. The companies registered in Noida have to file the income tax return each year in Form ITR 6.
  1. The companies registered in Noida need to file the MCA annual return compulsorily every year in Form AOC 4 and MGT 7.
  1. The DIN KYC procedure should be complete every year for the company's directors state.

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