Section 8 company registration in India

The primary purpose for registering a company as section 8 is to promote a non-profit organization for having activities like trade, commerce, arts, charity, etc. Indian society has different legal and institutional frameworks from one country to another, while companies section 8 has one uniform law throughout the country -Companies Act, 2013.

This Strong Law regulates the formation, management, and accountability of the company in section 8, thus making this making closer to being controlled and monitored than trust and society and recognized worldwide. While section 8 company registration in India is executed, the company must submit the valid documents properly.

Procedure for Company Registration Section 8

  1. Application for the availability of names in the RUN form

Applications for the availability of names must be made at the "Run" facility. Company names part 8 must include Words Foundation, Forums, Associations, Federations, Chamber, Confederations, Councils, Election Trust, etc. One can propose a maximum of 2 names at a time, and 1 re-shipment is permitted in the run facility. The cost for the run is 1000/-. It is recommended to attach an object clause from the proposed company. The name, after being approved, is valid for 20 days. The section 8 company registration in India is easy to complete; the company must submit everything on time. 

  1. Get a digital signature from the first director

The next step is to get a class 3 digital signature from the customer, and the first director needs to submit a combination form with the ROC.

  1. Preparation of Memorandum Associations, Association Articles and Other Documents

MOA is a company charter and defines the scope of its activities. AOA is a document that regulates the company's internal management. MOA from section 8 of the company must be in the Inc-13 form, while there is no specified format for AOA for the company section 8. A person can adopt the provisions of Table F.

  1. Spice up the spice from 32

The following documents must be attached to the spice forms for merging companies section 8.

  • Memorandum Association in the Inc-13 form;
  • Declaration In the Inc-14 form by CS/CA/CWA in practice, that the Draft Moa & AOA has been prepared by the provisions of section 8 and the rules made below and that all the laws and regulations are made below related to company registration based on section 8 and incidental or additional problems have been fulfilled;
  • Declaration by each person who makes the application in the Inc-15 form.
  • We estimated annual revenue and future company expenditure over the next three years. 

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