Trademark Registration

The Trademark Act allows you to register your trade name, mark, symbol, shape, tagline, logo, etc. to protect your unique identity. It will exclusively protect your rights once you have registered your specific trademark. The validity of the trademark is ten years, after that renewal is required.

What is Trademark registration in India?

Trademark registration in India allows the applicant to use symbols or words to represent a business or products that are offered by a business to differentiate the products or services offered by it from competitors. Once a trademark is registered in India, no other organization can use it as long as it remains in use.

Once registered the "™" symbol can be used with the Trademark Applicant along with the Brand. Trademark registration is an asset to the company which is required to apply for trademark registration in India to protect the brand name. It is always better to get the guidance of an expert. Various steps are followed in the process of trademark registration and it also requires regular follow-up action from the government.

Services Plus has helped thousands of applicants get their trademarks registered across India.

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