Trademark is simply a word or a title or a phrase given to a business firm or an entity to distinguish itself from its present competitors and rivals, to attract its customers towards it and make a separate identity of its own. There was a time when there were very few companies and business houses, so there was not much difficulty to find or choose the best one among a few companies. But in this present society of tough competition between the business firms striving towards perfection and placing a massive variety of choices before the general public.Trade mark registration in Delhi helps to get the brand entity of the product.


Yes, there is undoubtedly a need to register your company's trademark; a brand is the intellectual property of the particular firm that needs to be protect and register under the Trade Mark Act of India, which provides the owner with the right of ownership of the intellectual property. This right may protect the owner from trademark infringement and stealing of the owner's rights without his/her knowledge. If the owner has Trade mark registration in Delhi for the company’s name, the court may prosecute the criminal for this.


First, we need to know how much fees are to be paid for this. The Government fees for the registration of Trade Mark per application per class of company is Rs 9000, and for individuals, it is Rs 4500.


  1. To search for a Trademark- The applicant should be conscientious while choosing a trademark. Which will be totally different from the others and easily found by the public. Mostly it happens when we try to search for some companies’ names; then we find many companies name similar, which makes the public confused at times. Getting Trade mark registration in Delhi is too difficult if you don’t have proper documents.
  1. To fill the trademark application-The trademark application can be made for a single. Or multi-class business according to the goods and services the industry is dealing with. The applicant should provide all the necessary documents and required information about the company. An affidavit is to be attach with the papers to support the Registration of the Trade Mark.
  1. Examination of the Trademark application by the government authority- According to the guidelines of the Trade Mark Act 2016. A report from the examiner is to issue after an extensive examination of the Trademark application. The examination report will issue within 30 days by the Trade Mark Authority.
  1. Post examination- The examiner, may appoint a hearing whether he is content with the Trademark or not. After the satisfactory report from the examiner, it will be forwarded for further publication of the Trade Mark in the journal.
  1. Advertisement of the Trademark-The accepted trademark will publish in the Trade Marks Journal for 4 months. And inviting the general public to file an opposition against the registered trademark.
  1. Opposition from the general public- The court will hear the filled opposition for the registered trademark. And accordingly, it will be decided.
  1. Registration of the Trademark-if there is no clear case on it, it will register and valid for 10 years from the day of registration.    

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